Shaping the future of the event industry

You want to be instrumental in organizing outstanding events and create great things? You are versatile, love working with inspiring people and are technically skilled to help others with technical issues? You are also hospitable and ready to warmly welcome guests from all over the world?

Then our apprenticeship is just right for you! With us, you'll find a wide range of experiences, from trade fairs and concerts to congresses, hotel business and culinary arts - all under the umbrella of the Westfalenhallen Unternehmensgruppe.

We are pleased that you show interest in an apprenticeship in our company. Let us give you an insight:

The Westfalenhallen Group of Companies is a leading company in the event sector in Germany. We operate one of the country's most renowned event centers, play a key role in shaping the German trade fair scene and host around 1,200 regional and national conferences and congresses every year.

Within our group of companies, Kongress Dortmund GmbH is active. We manage the congress center as well as the Mercure Hotel Dortmund Messe & Kongress. We are also responsible for catering events at our catering facilities, including Dortmund Airport.

We offer an exciting environment for training and the opportunity to become part of our diverse team.

What interesting jobs can you learn with us?

Apprenticeships at the
Westfalenhallen Unternehmensgruppe

Together with its subsidiaries, the Westfalenhallen Unternehmensgruppe GmbH operates one of Germany's best-known event centers, plays a major role in determining the German trade fair scene and, with its modern congress center, hosts around 1,200 regional and national conferences and congresses every year. As the parent company, the Westfalenhallen Unternehmensgruppe GmbH is responsible for all central technical, administrative and communications tasks.

We offer training in the following professions:

Event management assistant (all genders)

Management assistant for digitalization management (all genders)

IT specialist for system integration (all genders)

You can find the current vacancies here.

Apprenticeships at the
Kongress Dortmund

Kongress Dortmund GmbH is part of the Westfalenhallen Unternehmensgruppe GmbH. It operates the congress center and the Mercure Hotel Dortmund Messe & Kongress and provides all catering in the exhibition halls, the Westfalenhalle and in external catering facilities. Kongress Dortmund is responsible for various catering facilities at Dortmund Airport and also operates the Speisekammer event location in Dortmund Deusen. As a premium catering brand, the company also runs cateringmanufaktur. 

The Mercure Hotel Dortmund Messe & Kongress is a 4-star hotel with 139 rooms and focuses on business and convention travelers.

We offer training in the following professions:

Hotel specialist (all genders)

Cook (all genders)

You can find the current vacancies here.

Training focus of the individual occupations

Event manager (all genders)

  • Marketing of events
  • Methods of project management
  • Planning, organization and implementation of events
  • Event technology
  • Office management
  • Business and service processes
  • Commercial management and control

Management assistant for digitization management (all genders)

  • Business management and IT-specific knowledge
  • Support and consulting for the various departments
  • Support assistance
  • Communication with internal customers
  • Good mathematical-technical understanding, logical thinking

IT Specialist:in System Integration (all genders)

  • System architecture, hardware and operating systems
  • Application software - installation and configuration
  • Programming techniques, analysis and design
  • Program development, documentation and test procedures
  • System maintenance, configuration and solutions
  • System development and integration
  • Commercial management and control

Hotel manageress (all genders)

  • Service area
  • Customer service and sales
  • Reception 
  • Kitchen area
  • Housekeeping
  • Office organization and communication

Cook (all genders)

  • Recipes and dietetics
  • Application of work and kitchen techniques
  • Produce a wide variety of dishes and ingredients
  • Processing and preparing all types of food
  • Hygiene
  • Work planning
  • Dealing with guests, advice and sales
  • Merchandise management
  • Office organization and communication

What advantages await you with us?

In addition to the exciting content of the respective training and the variety that comes with a large event company, at WHUG you will enjoy some exclusive benefits that the event industry otherwise rarely has to offer. In addition to a good salary within the framework of the TVöD, flexible working time models, personal support within the company, internal exchange opportunities, paid exam preparation and much more await you!

Instagram channel of our apprentices


Here our trainees regularly share exciting insights into their everyday work, their experiences and adventures during their training. Follow us and stay up to date on our training offers and career opportunities at the Westfalenhallen Group:

There you will learn everything first hand and get a lively view of the training through the eyes of our trainees! It's worth taking a look!

Become a part of this fascinating world of events, trade shows, and the goings-on behind them!
We look forward to getting to know you!


How do I find the right apprenticeship?

Here you can use this list to help you:

Ask yourself: What are your interests and strengths?
Inform yourself in advance about the profession (e.g. through parents/acquaintances/friends, job fairs, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Internet...).
Compare whether the job description and the training content are suitable for you.
Check whether you meet the school requirements.

And then you can start!


How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

Through our career portal "jacando" we offer you the opportunity to apply online for our apprenticeships. This has the advantage that we receive your application in a well-structured form and can therefore process it quickly.

Under the submenu "Online application" of the category "Training" you will find a possibility to submit your application data including documents (e.g. cover letter, CV, certificates, other documents...). Please make sure that the data is correct, otherwise it will not be possible to contact you. Please fill in all fields, even if they are not mandatory.

The following file formats are supported by our system: pdf, jpg, gif, png, txt. Since you can attach your entire "application portfolio" as a file, the individuality of your application is not lost even as an online application. Tip: Prefer the pdf format. It is universally valid and you can be sure that your documents will arrive as you have written them.

The rest of the application process is automated.

Can I submit a speculative application?

You can't find the right offer for you at the moment? No problem. We also welcome unsolicited applications to

What happens after I receive my application?

After reviewing your application documents, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Are there also opportunities to shorten the training period?

It is possible to shorten the training period by half a year in accordance with Section 8 BBiG if it can be expected that trainees will achieve the training objective in the shortened time. This usually becomes apparent in the course of the training and can therefore not be guaranteed in advance. Crediting at the beginning of the training is possible within the framework of the legal provisions.

At which occupational schools does the instruction take place and in what form?

The occupational schools for the training occupations are currently all located within Dortmund. Part-time instruction applies to all apprenticeships, i.e. once a week and every two weeks twice a week.

Who can I contact with technical questions or problems related to my application?

Under the submenu "Contact" you will find a list of all important contact addresses. Please contact only one of the addresses listed there. We will answer all questions as soon as possible.

Experience reports

Alina S., 2nd year of apprenticeship

Before I decided to train as an office management assistant, I studied for a while. After much deliberation, I decided to put my studies on hold and start an apprenticeship. Because of my strengths and the diversity of the profession, the choice was very easy for me. Communication, organization and working with the usual PC programs have always come easily to me, and I am also interested in business contexts.

Here at the Westfalenhallen Group of Companies, you are definitely in the right place for your training. The wealth of experience is constantly being expanded through the regular changes of department. With the insights you get, for example, in Marketing & Sales, Human Resources or Financial Accounting, there's guaranteed to be something for everyone and you can really assess which path you want to take afterwards. Because that's the huge advantage of being an office manager: you can be used universally and have a good foundation for your future career! I'm happy to say that my expectations of the training have been fully met.


Rene S., 1st year of apprenticeship

Even before training as an event manager, I worked part-time in the event industry. I decided to train in this direction. Since I had already visited the Westfalenhallen privately at various events, they were my favorite when it came to choosing a training position. I was all the more pleased to be accepted after my job interview!

The profession and the training as an event manager are very diverse, and the Westfalenhallen Group of Companies ensures that I get to experience this diversity in full. During the training, I work in various departments such as Marketing & Sales or in the trade fair, but also in typical commercial areas such as financial accounting or human resources.

The versatility is reflected in my tasks. Since it's a commercial job, you spend most of your time in the office, but you're also directly on site at events and trade fairs. I'm given a lot of trust at every point and I'm also allowed to take on responsible tasks with expert supervision - supervised personal responsibility instead of just filing and making coffee! It also fits in with the fact that I can arrange my own working hours within a certain framework thanks to the flexitime model and can thus reconcile school, work and free time.

Roman F., 2nd year of apprenticeship

Before I started my apprenticeship at Kongress Dortmund GmbH, I was already able to get a taste of the company through a student internship. I liked that so much that I applied for an apprenticeship afterwards. As a restaurant specialist, it's my job to offer guests the best possible service. Following this apprenticeship, I decided to start training as a chef as well. Also here in the company, because the whole training package is very good. In addition to occupational school and internal instruction, the company also offers service training. You get specialist knowledge about, for example, drinks and food. Service to the guest means above all a good and smooth process. During training, you learn how to deal with stress and how to coordinate everything up to a large event in the Westfalenhalle.

Melanie P., 2nd year of apprenticeship

My search for an apprenticeship via the Internet brought me to the attention of the Westfalenhallen Unternehmensgruppe. My expectations of the training were high, but they have definitely been met so far.

During the training period, we as hotel specialists pass through a lot of departments in which we receive varied, interesting and versatile information and are taught a lot of specialist knowledge. My previous stations were: Service, Kitchen, Housekeepers, Reception, Hotel Floor, Main Buffet, Human Resources, Sales, Banquet Sales, Billing Control and the Convention Reception. You can get a taste of a lot of things so you can decide on an area later. It is a very good preparation for the future professional life.