Central company headquarters at Strobelallee

Since December 2004, the Westfalenhallen Group has been headquartered in a modern, air-conditioned administration building with a total of five floors and 5,150 square meters of office, circulation and sanitary space. 175 rooms are available for the various tasks and purposes of the more than 100 employees who work there.

The representative glass facade faces south. It covers an area of 1,600 square meters. Customers can park in the 50 parking spaces directly in front of the entrance. At the rear of the building, underneath exhibition hall 3, a further 225 parking spaces are available.

Company structure

The sole shareholder of the Westfalenhallen Unternehmensgruppe GmbH is the City of Dortmund. The company's tasks are performed by three subsidiaries.

All affiliated companies are responsible for the operational management of the business areas assigned to them in the name and for the account of the Westfalenhallen Unternehmensgruppe GmbH. As the parent company, Westfalenhallen Unternehmensgruppe GmbH is responsible for central tasks and provides, among other things, all services in the areas of Technical Services, Commercial Services and Marketing and Sales as well as Corporate Development.


The investment in Konzerthaus Dortmund GmbH amounts to 0.12% of the share capital of over €10.2 million. The majority shareholder is the City of Dortmund. The purpose of the company is to revitalize and expand Dortmund's cultural landscape through the construction and operation of the Konzerthaus, which commenced operations in September 2002.

Partner from the economy

The Continentale mutual insurance association is a premium partner of Westfalenhalle GmbH. The two companies have thus strengthened their cooperation. Particularly unusual: The Westfalenhalle has a well-known premium partner without having to give up its traditional name, as is usually the case. The name has even been expressly protected. Continentale is claiming the naming right in such a way that it does not change the previous name but fixes it. This type of naming right is probably something completely new in Germany.

It has long been common practice elsewhere for concert arenas to name themselves after the name of the sponsor. "But we feel connected to the great tradition of this hall. The premium partnership also serves to preserve this Dortmund tradition," says Dr. Christoph Helmich, CEO of Continentale. Sabine Loos, Managing Director of the Westfalenhallen Group, is delighted about the cooperation and the partner's great sensitivity: "The Westfalenhalle has written and continues to write German and European event history. Its valuable name will be preserved through the partnership." In the cooperation agreement, Westfalenhalle and Continentale have also expressly ruled out granting the right to the name to third parties.

The insurance association has occupied one side of the roof advertising on the Westfalenhalle since November 2011.  The Westfalenhalle and Continentale have also been closely linked in other ways for decades. Many Continentale events take place under the roof of the Westfalenhalle, including the association's largest event, the Continentale Agency Forum.